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Enter eTurabian - Turabian citation generator
- Don't you love making bibliographies for your papers?


eTurabian is a free online citation generator in current Turabian - Chicago, MLA and APA styles in a form of bibliography, notes, reference list and parenthetical citations.
Our motto is "Our precision is your grade!" Because of this kind of attention to detail eTurabian is highly recommended by many teachers to use it in the courses they teach.
eTurabian has many time saving features, allowing fast input by ISBN, LCCN, keywords, input from library catalogue online using MARC View and others.
More features of eTurabian include the Turabian Style Templates in Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx) formats. They include templates for Theses and Dissertations, and templates for Student Research Papers.
Another important feature is the ability to share citations between eTurabian accounts.
Use eTurabian and have more free time for the things you love.

Absolutely nothing!
Electra! is a chemistry discovery adventure from Eksendia to help curious students to have fun while advancing their knowledge of the subject.
The students can experiment by clicking on the periodic table to add chemicals to create molecules. Electra will check if they exist and display their info and pictures.
By playing Electra! students will gain knowledge and intuition about how and which elements combine.
Good for all levels.
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